Turnkey Service

Turnkey Service

Turnkey Service overview

UnoSilicon provides customers with the entire services from ASIC design to Manufacture, Package, Test and Reliability.
We are building close partnerships with world class Foundries, Package, and Test companies of various channels.

Manufacturing Service

We are with the Foundry having various process technologies and IPs. We always offer the tightly-coupled foundry engaged design engineering service to find the most efficient foundry outsourcing process in every step and every case for the customer’s benefit.

  • Loading the demanded technologies in advance to keep pace with the customer’s business roadmap
  • Securing the optimal balance of wafer demand and supply through foundry
  • Organizing flexible business model and cost structure to fit into our customer’s budgetary goal
  • Wafer Supply Business
  • Foundry Mass Production Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Test Service

Testing ensures that there are no defects that could affect the correct functioning of the product.
We set-up the test environment together with our business partners with the test vectors designed by our expert team. We manage to test mass-production quantities stably and support the failure analysis activities to improve yield.
The test solution is carried out on the wafer and package.

  • Establishing Test environment
  • Wafer Probe Test and Package Final Test
  • Failure Analysis

Package Service

Packaging plays a dominant role in determining the performance, cost, and reliability of the product.

With today’s minimized size and high level of integration, customers have a wide range of choice of package that best suits their silicon, application, and cost targets.

Since packaging provides signal and power distribution, heat removal, physical support and environmental protection, customers should carefully examine cost, size, pin count, wire-ability, bandwidth, noise in transmission lines and thermal issues before making their decision. We arrange packaging solutions through our world renowned partners.

  • Various types of packages
  • Advanced package technologies
  • Chip Supply Business

Reliability Service

UnoSilicon provides the reliability and qualification services to ensure the world class quality level.

  • Reliability evaluation of newly developed products
  • Periodic quality level check for mass production